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TRASTEVERE Spring/Summer Collection 2019

The Collection 

TRASTEVERE, is an amazing neighbourhood in Rome, where getting lost is almost mandatory. History, culture, gastronomy, fashion and pleasure go hand to hand as you walk along a warm cobble-stone road. The orangey shades that you can find in all corners are draped with ivy and flowers. Like a postcard, this season takes you to this Italian city through two looks designed for taking a walk, eating and enjoying a week in Trastevere. Naturalness, light, beauty, femininity, sweetness… A perfect make up that matches the atmosphere and inspires you to take a walk and have dinner in a terrace, taking advantage of the arrival of the warm weather. Step into the Trastevere and enjoy.

ALLEGORIA Autumn/Winter Collection 2018-19

The Collection

ALLEGORIA is the A/W LOLA Make Up collection for a modern and feminine woman who believes in beauty. On this occasion LOLA has looked to the past, finding inspiration from the Italian Renaissance where radiant skin pays tribute to classical Greece. Hellenic braids, red lips and sparkles of gold and precious stones. The red, green and cobalt blue colours are reminiscent of rich velvet of the last Renaissance, sometimes almost baroque. A rich and delicate collection within which LOLA Make Up pays tribute to women opening the door to excess makeup without losing their unique natural beauty. Once again, LOLA is committed to enriching the beauty of women.


FLIRT - Spring/Summer Collection 2018

The Collection

FLIRT is the name of the new LOLA Make Up Spring-Summer collection. A fresh and light makeup. Slightly provocative in the shapes, subtly naive in the tones, 100% feminine. Flirt refers to the flirting of youth, that which happens almost without noticing, like the rosy cheeks, the luminous skin, the radiant eyes and tender lips. Flirt is a look between playful and melancholy, a movement of doll. Flirt is as deliberately naive as the first kiss Stolen…

Hypnotic Autumn/Winter 2017-18 Collection

The Collection

Welcome to Hypnotic, the LOLA Autumn Winter campaign for 2017 and 2018. Hypnotic - A captivating collection of darkened metallic and sumptuous matte textures, artfully curated as a modern homage to the energetic spirit and daring of the Art Deco era - an age of grace, beauty and allure.

Luscious Collection Spring/Summer Collection 2017

Luscious Collection 2017 behind the scenes.

JOIA Spring/Summer 2016

Behind the scenes at our Spring/Summer 16 shoot

The Light Fantastic S/S 2015 Collection

The Collection

It’s time to trip the Light Fantastic, with Lola Makeup By Perse The Light Fantastic Spring Summer Colour Collection 2015 Inspired by the purity of impossibly blue skies and the dance of sunrays over the fluid forms of metal clad futurist architecture, the LOLA Light Fantastic collection is a cleverly designed palette of supremely wearable shades that flatter and enhance every woman’s natural beauty. The collection hinges on a perfect, sun kissed complexion, with cheekbones accented by our new gossamer light illuminating powder. Lips are soft, dewy and perfectly conditioned; enhanced with just the slightest glaze of nude. The Light Fantastic shadow collection has been cleverly curated to transform our perfect minimalist beauty into a lapis lidded goddess at the drop of a blending brush. Even the most ardent purists love to add a touch of drama from time to time!

Bohemian Like You A/W 2015 Collection

Behind the scenes at our Autumn Winter campaign 2015

Spirited Away collection (Spring/Summer 2014)

The Collection

The latest, sun-drenched colour collection by LOLA Make Up. Our make-up artists have created the Spirited Away collection to capture the mesmerising spectrum of tones and shades that continually roll across desert skies and sun-baked vistas. Our key looks this season are inspired by the strength and freedom inherent in Nomadic tribes who roam northern Asia; the ancient and deep connection between women and nature flowing together in harmony and the feeling of being truly alive, adventurous and beautiful. New products in the range include three highly pigmented and superbly flattering pink, red and orange Liquid Lipsticks, combined with earthy ochre, rich terracotta, pale sand, sky blue and talismanic jade eyeshadows, as well as three complementary nail varnishes and a high octan emeralg green kohl eyenlier for added drama.

IT GIRL Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

The Collection

Introducing IT GIRL, a dazzling artist’s palette of rich textures and shades inspired by the intoxicating buzz of 60s and 70s downtown New York. Showcasing a painterly way of wearing colour to create more edgy, statement looks. It’s a more creative take on colour blocking and the smokey eye. Lips tell three different stories: nude throws a retro focus on dark and dramatic eyes; deep berry gives a sultry rock goddess vibe, whilst the bright hue of our Hot Pink Lip Gloss shocks in just the right way. Our inspiration comes from three of the period’s most iconic IT GIRLS: Edie Sedgwick, Debbie Harry, Angie and David Bowie.

Soul Secret Collection Spring/Summer 2013

En Noir Autumn/Winter Collection 2013

Behind the scenes of our autumn/winter 2013 shoot.

Spaced Collection Spring/Summer 2012

Darkly Romantic Collection Autumn/Winter 2012