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Introducing LOLA Make Up’s Setting Spray

Introducing LOLA Make Up’s Setting Spray

Makeup perfectly stays in place with LOLA’s new Setting Spray.

The lightweight, 2 in 1 formula adds a gorgeous final touch to your look, ensuring your makeup stays and looks fresh all day long!

LOLA make up setting spray

Easily absorbed, our Setting Spray hydrates the skin, without smudging or fading, for a beautiful radiant finish!  

The ultimate summer essential, our Setting Spray can be applied before makeup, toning and moisturising the skin to create a perfect base, ready for foundation. Use it as a final touch after you’ve applied makeup, to set your look in place and create a long lasting, bright effect finish.

     ✔ 2 in 1 formula
     ✔ Both primes the skin and sets your makeup
     ✔ Hydrating and moisturising
     ✔ Long lasting 
     ✔ Hydrating
     ✔ Moisturising 
     ✔ Lightweight texture 
     ✔ Easy absorption

Shop the new LOLA Make Up Setting Spray here!  

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