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The Beauty Butterfly's Review of LOLA Make Up Automatic Eye Pencil

The Beauty Butterfly's Review of LOLA Make Up Automatic Eye Pencil

Lola Automatic Eye Pencil

Product: Lola Make Up Automatic Eye Pencil.

Who for: Anyone who wants a precision line be it thin or thick.

First impressions: Very fine point that will line close to my upper lashes.

After one week: Once applied doesn’t smudge.

After one month: Can be smudged or blended creates a precision line.

Stockists: Lola Makeup

Sent free from GlamGeek.

I was lucky enough to win this Eye Pencil from GlamGleek for being their reviewer of the week.

This pencil is BRILLIANT.  I can smudge it; I can blend it or leave it alone.  Once I have applied it, it stays where I have put it.  I have used it to draw a thin line close to my lashes and a thicker line when I am not wearing eyeshadow.  It stays all day and is easily removed with Micellar Water and a cleansing balm.  I did not have panda eyes, this attractive black rings around your eyes when eye make up won’t come off.  You can easily create a winged eyeliner look with it.  It doesn’t drag across the eye lid like some pencils can and the ability to increase or decrease the amount of ‘lead’ showing is great as this  helped me create the winged part of the liner look by placing the pencil against my eye and slowly pulling it down towards my lash line.  I have had a look at their website and the colours – are all the colours I like to wear.  I think I will treat myself to the grey one next.

LOLA Make Up Automatic Eye pencil

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