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Trend Privé Magazine - LOLA Make Up

Trend Privé Magazine - LOLA Make Up

Lola Makeup

A stand out beauty range, Lola has set a new bar for the British cosmetics market with the previous collaboration with Britain’s Next Top Model season 12, giving them a well-deserved spotlight for what is a much-loved brand across Europe, as well as their ongoing work with Bridal Expos, they are a force to be reckoned with in the prosumer market.

Lola cosmetics
Lola Cosmetics Eyeshadow Quad

Lola makeup, with its strong background in vegan cosmetics and a market leader in cruelty-free, professional makeup, their ethos is simple:

Become your own makeup expert. 

Looking at the range we can see collections that are curated to be fun and easy to use yourself at home, the ethos becomes more obvious as you look at expertly curated eyeshadow quads, lip colours, a line of foundations and of course contour and sculpting makeup that is a must in the selfie age.

Smart marketing and close working relationships with artists and influencers have allowed the brand to create a social media presence and with their video channel documenting tricks, techniques and interviews, it’s easy to feel you’re a part of the Lola family and be a part of the glamour.

Looking closely at certain key elements such as the foundation we see the balancing oil free liquid:

Enriched with luminescent pearls to diffuse light, it makes the complexion look immaculate and radiant and helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Lola cosmetics
Lola Cosmetics Balancing Oil Free foundation

With the blushers, micronised pigments allow you to build long-lasting colour and there is a range of shades to choose from, depending on your skin tone or the time of year.  These beautiful creamy powders are a perfect accompaniment to complete a look.

The Lola cosmetics range is a pro range that gives you a series of beautiful makeup pieces and curated collections that just works.  To learn more about the range see the website: https://www.lolamakeup.com

Lola Blush
Lola Blush Mono 
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