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Trend Privé Magazine - LOLA Make Up BB Cream

Trend Privé Magazine - LOLA Make Up BB Cream

BB Cream by Lola Makeup

Lola Makeup has been at the cutting edge of fashion, supporting a variety of bridal shows and of course, Britain’s Next Top Model Contest, coming back to the market with a BB cream that is simply ideal for the British summer as the heatwave continues and people want something a little lighter for day to day use.

The new addition to the face range is an ideal addition to your summer regime with a lighter touch you can still have that soft diffused skin and coverage you need without the heaviness of a full foundation.

bb cream by Lola makeup
BB cream by Lola Make Up

Suited to men as well it makes a perfect grooming product for photo shoots or just day to day use.  BB cream is a perfect utility product for men as well as women who want to even out their skin tone.

A light multifunction formula that combines skincare benefits while giving you a perfect blend and a beautiful touch of colour.

Combining Olea European Leaf Extract + Uva Ursi Leaf Extract: Helps to illuminate the skin, Hyaluronic Acid: Improves skin hydration and improves the appearance of marks and wrinkles, Tocopherol: Antioxidant, European Olea Extract: Anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties.

A perfect add-on to any makeup kit, BB cream is a prime example of a utilitarian product that can be used across the genders to give a smooth flawless finish to the skin without it being obvious, in the highly competitive male grooming market this will be  a potential game-changer, giving Lola a perfect product that can be tied with its invisible powder to create a grooming kit that is quick, simple and practical for men who want to have that little extra edge.  With social media and the ever-changing HD market its easy to see how this can be utilised by a variety of people to augment their daily routine.

For more information on Lola BB Cream see their website https://lolamakeup.com/collections/foundation/products/lola-make-up-bb-cream

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