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Get the date-night look with these easy steps from Ritabrata

Get the date-night look with these easy steps from Ritabrata

Get the ‘date-night’ look with these easy steps!

The soft Romantic look

The Perfect Date night comes with heavy expectations- to look good, to sound good, to feel good and also to find a match! What a herculean task! Let me take off a little burden by giving you the formula for an easy breezy look that can surely impress at your date night without going the extra mile! Red is too mainstream, how about surprising your date with a hint of pastels? If it sounds like a good plan, read on to find out more.


How about swapping the red for a soft/hot pink eye look? If you feel ominous to leave out the red we can still have the colour doing a peek-a-boo in this romantic cut crease eye look. Use a pale pink colour and sweep it across the lid. Darken the crease using a more mauvish pink colour. Cut the crease using a tacky concealer base and put a light red shimmer shade on top. I used the  LOLA AUTOMATIC EYE PENCIL 01 CLASSIC BLACK on my lower lash line. This eye kohl is easy to work with and with a gentle small tipped brush you can smoke it out to create a more sultry look. Use the pink eyeshadow lightly under the kohl to create a nice gradient. A colourful eye palette with high pigmentation works great for this look.

LOLA Automatic eye pencil: £8.95


Get the flutters by using the LOLA INFINITE LASHES MASCARA. I have been hooked onto this mascara recently. The formulation is smooth and does not leave your lashes looking clumpy. Use two generous coats of the LOLA INFINITE LASHES MASCARA to impart length and volume to your lashes. As I am a contact lens wearer, I pay utmost importance to the safety of the product so that it does not irritate my eye as I have sensitive eyes. The mascara is enriched with with vitamin E, olive wax and bamboo. It is also vegan and dermatologically tested.

Infinite Lashes Mascara- £11.95


Pair your eye look with a neutral/nude lip combo that will allow your eyes to take the centre stage while still packing in a little of the drama. I am wearing the LOLA LIP PENCIL- 008 NUDE OBSESSION. With its rich, deep colour and a smooth, soft texture, it glides onto the lips with precision. Outline the ridges of the lip with a darker chocolate coloured lip pencil and fill in with the nude obsession lip pencil. This gives the appearance of a fuller lip. You can top it with a clear gloss. I decided to go matte. Totally kissable BTW! 

Finish off with a nice setting spray.

Be ready to turn some additional heads! 

LOLA Lip Pencil- 008 Nude Obsession -£7.95


You can read Ritabrata's full tutorial using LOLA Make Up on her blog here

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