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RougePout Beauty Review of LOLA's Face & Body Bronzer and Shimmer Powder

RougePout Beauty Review of LOLA's Face & Body Bronzer and Shimmer Powder

LOLA - 'Summer Loving' the highlight of my summer!

Summer has definitely got its hat on and we are basking in some of the most glorious weather. Although my makeup is less, my bronzing game is upped to its highest and this Lola Face & Body Bronzer, the size of a tea plate has barely left my clutches. 

This bronzer is serving me well, the texture of gorgeous fabric, SPF of 15, it has the shade of the perfect two week holiday in the sun, not too orange, not too brown, that hazy hue of warm afternoons swinging in a hammock and nights listening to the ocean crashing on the shore. It adds warmth to the face, perfect colour for cheeks and I've found it superb as an eyeshadow, I use a large-headed brush with this non-drying powder, to sweep that golden powder around my face and chisel out my cheekbones, everything in one superb sized palette, a must for your makeup bag!

Dare I call it love?
This highlighter, well, it is makeup perfection, varying from the softest pearl shade, through golden, taupe, bronze and pink, you have everything for the perfect sheen. This is my favourite Lola item, the look, quality of product and the glow it gives, without it looking like you're wearing anything, total perfection and yes, I love how it looks. Used to give light to cheekbones, brow bones, lovely in the corner of the eyes to pop them open and perfect above the cupids bow, just a hint of highlight promises. 
With the blend and definition of shades, this can also be used as eyeshadow, giving that summer glint to lids. 
Luminosity is a sweep of a brush away. 
For this and many other gorgeous products visit Lola here -
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Most importantly, do let me know what you choose, I love to know what great makeup people find. 
Lola items are PR, the discount code is purely for you lovely readers to share in the products and save pennies at the same time. Currently, I have no personal affiliation with Lola, to earn money if you spend with them - if this changes I will let you know. 
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